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About the Foundation

To honour the memory of Massimiliano, the Family decided to create the Mamo Educational Foundation, in order to give voice and life to Massimiliano's dreams .

Massimiliano, whose nickname was Mamo, was eager to promote the importance of education. By having access to educational opportunities, Massimiliano believed that everyone could grow on a personal, academic and professional level.

The goal of the Mamo Educational Foundation is to provide people with support for personal growth with access to mentoring, positive reinforcement and the development of life skills.

By supporting projects aimed at developing aptitudes, as well as social and professional skills that are necessary to achieve one's full personal and professional potential, we are honouring Massimiliano's memory, while carrying forward his sense of responsibility and determination.
The energy he exuded, his zest for life and his smile will forever be remembered.


Our Projects

The Mamo Educational Foundation aims to support personal growth and development.
The core of our work focusses on promoting education-oriented projects and training, while supporting all of their related activities.

Training Projects


The purpose of the training projects consists of covering all of the different areas human knowledge encompasses, as people can only achieve their full personal and professional potential by continuously reinforcing their behavioural and professional skills.

Training Projects


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world (Nelson Mandela)
By building self-awareness and increasing one's knowledge, mental, social and behavioural capabilities, education helps develop a critical mind and foster interactions with other individuals.

Education Projects

Social Scope

This includes all of the projects related to education.

Without the fundamentals of education in place these projects could not exist.

How You Can Help

After the verb "to love", the verb "to help" is the most beautiful in the world



Anyone who wishes to provide their time, experience and expertise to these causes may submit an application. Please send your request to our e-mail address.
Propose an idea

Propose An Idea

We happily welcome projects and ideas that are consistent with the foundation's mission. Submit your proposal by sending it to our e-mail address.


You can make a charitable donation by bank transfer. All donations made to the Foundation will enjoy tax benefits, according to the laws of your country.