Projects active in the area: 3

The projects in this area are for students from primary school to University.

Scolarship for Student Support 1,2,3 Biblio! School Digital Innovation

Education Projects: Scolarship for student Support


Objective: The aim of the project is to support deserving students who, due to particular disadvantaged conditions, cannot attend and / or continue their studies.

Description: Many students, despite having the merit requirements, find themselves unable to continue their study path. The Mamo Educational Foundation will provide financial support to these talented students so that they can afford the costs of their educational aspirations

Country of application: ITALY

Addressees: Students

Starting year: 2019


Education Projects: 1,2,3Biblio!

Project: "1,2,3 BIBLIO!": Three-year rotating library in preschools and reading education.

Objective: This project was born from the idea that direct involvement in schools and with parents will promote reading aloud as a family The project aims to provide education about shared reading as a tool that enhances a child's cognitive, linguistic, relational, emotional development and academic performance. This project would also like to create growth opportunities by focusing on disadvantaged areas.

Description: It is scientifically proven that reading is an excellent habit from the first years of a child's life: it is established that reading aloud to a child early affects his brain in an incisive way, making language and reading acquisition faster. In the long term, the combination of these skills positively affects school performance and self-esteem, also decreasing school drop-out. The project directly involves both children in choosing books and parents in reading at home. The Mamo Educational Foundation will contribute to strengthening or creating the school library in collaboration with the teachers by purchasing books and any necessary tools or facility structures that could be needed for this purpose.

Country of application: VENETO - ITALY

Addressees: The "1,2,3 Biblio!" is addressed to families of children attending kindergarten that is adhering to this educational proposal (children aged 3 to 6 approximately). The project also provides for the collaboration and training of the teaching staff.

Starting year: 2020


Education Projects: School Digital Innovation


Objective: With digitalization progressing it is important for school models to use innovation and technology to improve the learning process. With digitalization in schools, the school model has technology and innovation as a central character and the project stems from the desire to promote both of these aspects. This project stems from the desire to promote both of these aspects in the school environment. In particular, to ensure that the school does not lag behind today's digital society and so that it can match the level of digitalisation, the project will pursue the following objectives:
  • Development of students' digital skills
  • Technical support for the digitalisation process
  • Strengthening of the didactic and laboratory tools necessary to improve the training and innovation processes of educational institutions
  • Adoption of organizational and technological tools to promote governance, transparency and data sharing
  • Training of teachers for educational innovation and the development of digital culture
  • Strengthening of network infrastructures.

Description: Technological innovation evolves so quickly that it can be challenging for school systems to keep up with integrated digital processes The Project will help innovate the school system by adopting new organizational and technological tools and strengthening network infrastructures. Mamo Educational Foundation will financially contribute to the enhancement of the technological infrastructures in some schools so that they can adapt their educational system to the new digital era.

Territory of application: VENETO - ITALY

Addressees: The "Digital School Innovation" project is aimed at primary and secondary schools.

Starting year: 2020