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Without the fundamentals of education in place this projects could not exist.

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Objective: The project was born from the desire to help students who are unable to purchase devices needed to participate in online lessons during the COVID-19 health emergency.

Description: The COVID-19 health emergency has resulted in the closure of schools moving to an exclusively distance learning program. A fundamental element for achieving the objectives of the COVID-19 distant education project is to assign tablets to economically disadvantage students who, despite having an internet connection, cannot participate in online teaching, which has now become mandatory in order to continue their education. The Mamo Educational Foundation will contribute to this need by donating a certain number of tablets to schools and will give the faculty the responsibility of allocating the tablets to those students who need them most.

Territory of application: VENETO - ITALY

Addressees: Elementary and middle school students.

Starting year: 2020




Objective: To provide logistical accommodations to nuns and girls who live in a very poor area of India, the state of Assam, in the town of Hahim.

Description: In India, education is still a distant and difficult goal for everyone to achieve. The aim of this project is to build a boarding school that will welcome nuns and girls who live in the vicinity of Hahim, and give them the opportunity to receive an education. The first phase of the project has already started. The Mamo Educational Foundation will contribute financially to the construction of the boarding school.

Territory of application: INDIA

Addressees: Nuns and girls who come from the territory adjacent to the Hahim area.

Starting year: 2020


Social Scope Projects: Reading Education - ''Letture all'altezza''

Project: READING EDUCATION - "Letture all'altezza"

Objective: The project came from an idea to offer a sense of well-being and happiness to families who are living in hardship . The hope is to strengthen the cognitive and affective resources of these children so that they have the right tools to ease their entry into school and society.

Description: A parent who reads with their child makes a gesture of love that positively influences emotional, relational and cognitive development. Through shared reading the parent-child relationship is intensified; it is an educational practice that expands thinking and creates happy and fundamental moments of affection. The Mamo Educational Foundation will contribute to the creation / enhancement of a library for children and begin a "book loan" program that gives adults direct access to books.

Territory of application: VENETO - ITALY

Addressees: Reading Education - "Letture all'altezza" is aimed directly at parents who live in difficult situations or with a socio-cultural disadvantage (primarily prisons, foster care situations, disabilities, etc.). The reference range of children is 0-12 years. The age range of the children this program focuses on is 0-12 years old.

Starting year: 2020


Social Scope Projects: Construction of a Church in India


Objective: The construction of a Church in Hahim, a village in a remote and poor area of India, promotes aggregation, religious and cultural education and recreates the sense of family and belonging for the marginalized and needy.

Description: The Catholic Church in India, despite having to face various problems related to the socio-cultural context of the country, has received great consideration and is expanding its reach in the area. The purpose of this project is to contribute to the construction of a Catholic Church which, as a sacred place of congregation, provides the opportunity to increase the level of education and culture of the Hahim community. The Mamo Educational Foundation will contribute financially to the construction of the Church and the project has already started.

Territory of application: INDIA

Addressees: The Hahim community.

Starting year: 2020


Social Scope Projects: Adopt a Teacher

Social Scope Projects: Adopt a Teacher

Project: ADOPT A TEACHER "St.Mario School, Bouye"

Objective: The project “Adotta un’Insegnante” (“Adopt a Teacher”) aims to support the St. Mario School located in Bouye, Kenya, in order to provide qualified teachers to allow local children to receive an adequate primary education.

Description: We believe teachers represent an essential asset for today’s society due to their task of laying the foundations for the community allowing it to grow socially and economically, thus determining the future of the society.
Many schools and educational realities and facilities are unable to bear the costs of teachers by themselves; because of this, we at Mamo Educational Foundation decided to create the project "Adotta un’Insegnante" with the main objective of allowing these realities to provide adequate and qualified teachers and educators.
The primary targets and beneficiaries of the project are children and young people who receive education and educational support, but, less directly, the communities they live in can also benefit in a significant way from the implementation of our project.

Territory of action: Kenya, Africa.

Targets: The targets of the project are the 450 pupils of the school, many of whom are orphans or have been suffering from serious diseases, such as HIV, who are given school preparation from kindergarten to middle school. Moreover, thanks to the project "Adotta un’Insegnante", the school can ensure a workplace for the teachers, the manager and other school auxiliaries, diverting the funds destined to them for other primary needs.

Starting year: 2020


In 2022 the St. Mario School was rated as one of the best schools in Kenya, reaching the highest percentage of students admitted to the Junior Secondary School in the country, a goal that was also achieved thanks to the increase in teachers number staff through the implementation of the project.
With the start of the new school year, the Education Reform in Kenya will be introduced: it will involve changes to the school system, such as a more specific focus on enhancing individual skills and introducing computer science, art and science classes; our project is therefore constantly evolving to include this and other future needs.