Active projects in the field: 2

The projects of this section are grouped based on the principle that no one should ever stop learning and that people should always be able to acquire new knowledge that is necessary for their personal and professional development.

Bioethics Associazione Caffè Alzheimer

Training Projects: Bioethics

Project: Bioethics

Objective: The purpose of this project is to propose training experiences in bioethics and ethical consultancy.

Description: The MAMO Educational Foundation proposes to follow a comprehensive and insightful look at important subjects within bioethics. This project will be carried out in two phases:
The first meeting will be dedicated to training the CROMSOURCE staff about the fundamentals and help them to acquire theoretical knowledge of bioethics.
The second phase of the project involves the organization of sessions dedicated to specific bioethical issues to help strengthen ethical reasoning. A detailed program for both phases will follow.

Region of implementation: VENETO - ITALY

Addressees: The recipients of this first session are all CROMSOURCE employees and consultants. The second phase will be addressed to anyone who wishes to learn new bioethical theories to apply in both their working and private life.

Sponsorship: This project will be carried out in collaboration with ''IL GREMIO DI BIOETICA'', which is a group of experts in the field of bioethics.

Starting year: 2020


Training Projects: Associazione Caffè Alzheimer


Objective: The Caffè Alzheimer Association of Dronero (Cuneo) has been active for fifteen years and wishes to offer support and inclusion-oriented therapy to people with dementia and their families. More specifically, the Caffè Alzheimer association decided to promote "Friends of People with Dementia School" project as a chosen place to share relevant knowledge and foster inclusion while encouraging the development of interpersonal skills. This educational project intends to raise awareness among primary school first, second and third grade) and lower secondary school children of the Istituto Comprensivo di Dronero about the values of inclusion and cooperation, teaching and helping them to understand how to behave appropriately around those suffering from dementia.

Description: This project is carried out in phases starting with a presentation about the project by a psycologist to both the primary school and secondary schools. There will be five lessons for the primary school and six lessons for the secondary school, starting with the understanding of what the children know about dementia and behavioural disorders. At the end of the project the psychologist will present to the class a certificate of Classroom Friends of People with Dementia and each student will be granted a certificate of a Citizen and Friend to People with Dementia.

Not only will the schoolchildren and teachers directly benefit from this initiative but the community children’s family, will also benefit from the results of this initiative. The Mamo Educational Foundation will financially contribute to the implementation of this project.

Region of implementation: PIEDMONT- ITALY

Addressees: The "Friends of People with Dementia School" project targets primary schools (first, second and third grade) and lower secondary schools of the Istituto Comprensivo di Dronero.

Sponsorship: The Caffè Alzheimer Association of Dronero (Cuneo).

Starting year: 2020