Mamo Educational Foundation

Who We Are

The Mamo Educational Foundation was created with the intention to put Massimiliano's belief into practice. His idea was that education was one of society's foundations, therefore everyone deserved to develop their own personality, culture and professionalism.

Massimiliano (whose relatives and friends affectionately called Mamo) strongly believed in the importance of education and that every single person can fulfil their potential if they are given the right educational and training opportunities.

Our Mission

We commit to develop and support education-oriented projects, knowledge-based projects and projects with a focus on professional training.



  • Works INDEPENDENTLY from any political or religious affiliations.
  • Acts without discrimination based on race, religion, sex or opinion.
  • Operates WITHOUT ANY FIXED COSTS to allocate all resources to projects.

Institutional scopes

THE MAMO EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION exclusively operates for civic, solidarity and social utility purposes in Italy and abroad, through the implementation of projects in the following areas:
  • Education, learning and professional training
  • Cultural activities and social projects for educational and training purposes
  • Scientific research with a focus on social interest
  • Organising and managing cultural, artistic and scientific activities as well as educational and recreational activities with social interest and professional training
  • Organising and managing sports activities.

THE MAMO EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization and it is part of the Enti del Terzo Settore (ETS). It was established by a notarial deed on 24/10/2019.

Registered Office

Via Giorgio De Sandre, n.3
37135 Verona (Italy)

Board of Directors

President: Silvio Severini
Vice-president: Carlo Zerbini
Administrator: Simona Colazzo
Executive board: Alessia Amati, Cinzia Bernini, Simona Colazzo, Nadia Di Matteo
Accounts auditor: Gianfranco Capello
Founding members: Oriana Zerbini, Piergiuseppe Zagnoni
How to help us